Hey hi! I’m Sydney 👋

I’m Sydney, an independent designer specializing in creating digital experiences. I’ve been working for myself the past 6+ years, and have worked on a plethora of exciting, fun and reoccurring projects from websites to apps and a few things in-between. Known for having a keen eye for detail, outstanding organizational skills, and a no bullshit attitude. 

Born and raised in NoDak, I’ve lived in Minneapolis and now reside in the costal city of Seattle. I love long walks, devouring the latest hot romantasy novel (any SJM fans out there?), and inviting loved ones over to share a meal.

I’m also Sagittarius sun, Cancer moon and Taurus rising…if you care about that kind of thing.

What is Sydopia?

Sydopia is my creative practice that I *kind of* started when I was 19 during a brief interlude from college (more on that another day). It quite literally translates to “the visual condition of Sydney” and has seen many different evolutions over the years. But it has always been the moniker under which I create.

Today, Sydopia is my design practice where I’ve honed in my strategy and creative abilities to create intelligent and insightful solutions that encompass big picture thinking.

What will you write about?

This will likely evolve over time, but I am mainly focused on design musings (which you can have for free) and freelance advice (which you should pay for). Being a designer is one of the best parts of my life and I’d really like to share more about it. Plus, sometimes I feel like being a creative UI designer doesn’t get a lot of representation in the freelance community. So, here we are!

  • Design Musings - I’m imagining this could be a wide range of musing from fonts I’m digging, what it means to be UX/UI designer, and beyond.

  • Freelance Advice - Things I’ve learned in the 5+ years I’ve been doing this thing, ranging from project management, pricing structures, contract snippets, and anything else I think is really relevant.


Anyway, I’m glad you’re here and am looking forward to connecting. These are pieces of me that largely live inside my head, that I’m excited to create a home for. At the very least, I hope what you find here is entertaining and helpful.


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Sydney Jacobson

Sydney is an independent digital designer with a lot of opinions, great taste and a need to organize chaos. She mostly writes about creativity & freelancing. sydopia.com